Stargate SG1 - Prisoners

SG1 are exploring a seemingly empty world full of "trees and moss" when they hear a noise and a running man appears, he is scared and speaks of the Taldor. SG1 agree to help him and moments later some sort of airborne technology emits a blinding light and they find themselves under a huge spot light in a vast empty space. There SG1 are "tried” for crimes against Taldor and while many of the offences can be argued their help of a murderer can not be excused and they are sentenced to life in captivity. They are sent through the gate to another location deep underground and find themselves in an enclosed biosphere where the guilty are sent by the Taldor to live out their lives but there is a structure to the society down below and so there is hope.

SG_Prisoners (4).jpg

A woman named Linea ( Bonnie Bartlett ) is by the application of knowledge and influence is in charge and when approached by SG1 with Sam taking the lead we learn much of the backstory of Taldor and the prison, she also reveals that she has a form of cold fusion which Sam is convinced can power the gate thus allowing manual dialling. The goal now is to stay alive long enough to enact their plan while unknown to them General Hammond is getting rather upset with SG1 (diplomatic team) and these advanced aliens who are not playing ball.

Prisoners is a good solid episode, the set location of the prison is excellent and the minimal use of expensive CGI has no doubt allowed for a little more money for set dressing. Bonnie plays Linea to perfection and while a lot has to happen in a little over 43 minutes it never seems rushed and provides a good second season episode.

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Not sure yet what the next episode will be but I’ll probably watch another Legend episode.