Legend - Legend on His President's Secret Service


Episode 3 “Legend on His President's Secret Service“

In the third of the one and only season of Legend we have Ernest being drawn into a suspected assassination plot against Ulysses S. Grant the current president of the United States, the suspect is one Colonel Ethan Catridge Steele played by Ken Jenkins. The Colonel’s daughter Abigail sort out Legend in the hopes that he could sway her father’s actions but Ernest ignored her concerns and returned home from his promotional trip to Texas. There is is confronted by two secret service agents who turn out to be working for the Colonel and only then does Ernest realise he may have got himself into the middle of a very dangerous situation which only gets worse when an actual secret service agent escorts him to see the President ( G.W. Bailey).

Legend3 (1).jpg

The result of these various meetings sees Ernest along with the Professor and Ramos traveling to Texas, they make contact with Abigail but learn there is a definite plot against the President. At this point even Ernest let alone Legend can not ignore events surrounding them so escaping capture they rush to aid the President and his Wife onboard the train.

Legend on His President's Secret Service was yet again an enjoyable piece of television, Richard playing both Ernest and Legend is able to deliver the humour and action you would expect from him and is ably supported by John de Lancie and this weeks excellent guest stars. I didn’t think I would like this show as much as I do, it’s dated in production terms but not in story since it was set way back when and truth be told there are some nice pieces of cinematography and special effects in the episode which hold their own.

If you want to join me on the podcast to talk Stargate or even Legend then please get in touch, I could really do with a few more guests if for no other reason than to force a faster turn around on recording and releasing content. No excuse I know but some people can do the one man or one woman podcast, that’s not really my thing but either way I hope you enjoyed my take on this episode.