Legend - Custer's Next to Last Stand


Episode 4 “Custer's Next to Last Stand”

In the fourth episode of the season Ernest becomes involved in the doings of the famous George Armstrong Custer who is touring the Forts in the region while investigating corruption within the war department. Ernest naturally ends up in the deep end after Libbie Custer (former friend) asks for help and her husband announces to the world Ernest will be writing an expose on the corruption. Thanks to the genius of the Professor they uncover some proof of wrongdoing by the licensed trading posts that support the US military but in doing so they put themselves and everyone else at further risk.

Will Ernest or should we say Legend save the day?

Legend4 (7).jpg

Another entertaining episode, certainly tongue in cheek and a little campy at that but the writing is spot on and both RDA and John deliver great performances. Alex Hyde-White (Custer) and Ashley Laurence (Libbie) both are great onscreen and the bad guy (Richard Cox) is wonderfully menacing. I would say however we have seen enough of the Legend flyer/glider and maybe even the balloon.

I’ll be covering further episodes dotted in between the regular Stargate coverage and looking forward to watching more Legend, a fun show which I can recommend for fans of RDA.