Within the Serpent's Grasp

Stargate SG1 - Within the Serpent's Grasp

The SGC is being wound down thanks to the decision made by Senator Kinsey, papers are being shredded, dust covers are everywhere and General Hammond despite knowing the threat of the Goa'uld can not bring himself to openly defy a legitimate order. Daniel continues to try to convince the rest of SG1 on the merits of his experience in the alternate reality and maybe it was just pride but eventually Jack agrees to gate to the address Daniel brought back, Sam and Teal'c volunteer and together the team risk court martial and death to save the world.

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They gate into darkness but equipped with night vision they find themselves in a small room full of alien shipping containers some of which contain previously unknown energy weapons which we come to know as Zat guns. Jaffa soon arrive and deploy a huge globe within the Stargate which turns out to be a communications device as this is no base, it's a FTL capable ship carrying a Stargate on route to Earth to meet up with a sister ship and then to reign fire on the Tau'ri. 

This season finale is very very strong, the idea that SG1 risk everything to protect the Earth and everyone in it makes perfect sense given what we have seen of them. There is also a lot of legitimate actions by the rank and file military and political bureaucracy which makes the whole episode feel more realistic, not bad for a scifi show. The return of Skaara (Alexis Cruz) but with a twist was excellent, good use of the character and actor who made the most of this role and more to come. The episode delivers action and suspense and a credible cliffhanger, well more than credible, pretty darn good!

Thanks for listening or maybe just reading, I have plans to cover the season 2 opener to conclude this trilogy of episodes then start cherry picking episodes from the 17 seasons of the live action franchise. It is my hope I can get a lot of former guests back on the show and hopefully a lot of new voices given our format is far more flexible. If you are interested in joining me to discuss your favourite episode then get in touch and we can sort something out. Reviews and ratings are most welcome and many thanks for everyone who has been chatting via social media, the community remains strong.