The Serpent's Lair

Stargate SG1 - The Serpent’s Lair

The second season premiere of Stargate SG1 seamlessly contines the three part story that concluded the first season of the show as SG1 are alone on a Goa’uld ship gearing up for a planetary assault on Earth. The best laid plans are derailed as Apophis in a second ship joins Klorel’s vessel so the C4 planted around his ship will be for naught. The bridge is then breached by guards and SG1 captured and dumped in the brig where they meet a familiar face who had his own plans for defying his God and saving the Earth!

TS_Lair (2).jpg

Bra’tac for it is he is a little annoyed with SG1 (after smacking Jack hit the nose) and explains that most System Lords fall at the hands of their offspring and thus he was going to perpetrate a rouse by attacking Apophis in Klorel’s name using Death Gliders. Jack however comes up with a new plan and the merry band are on their way. Meanwhile back at the SGC Colonel Samuels has returned and is implementing a plan to strike the ships with Naquadah enhanced warheads via stealthed missiles. The General can not stop him but continues the transfer of volunteers to the Alpha site just in case the facility if not the world falls to the Goa’uld.

The missiles strike but alas both ships are shielded although Klorel hesitated, the host (Skarra) is proving to be troublesome however Apophis has no time for a whiny kid which isn’t helped when SG1 capture the young Goa’uld and ring over to Apophis ship as the C4 countdown continues….

The Serpent’s Lair is a magnificent opener to the second season of Stargate SG1 and a fitting conclusion to this trilogy of episodes. The production is top notch with some very nice CGI effects, good use of standing sets and well filmed high intensity combat scenes. It would not be SG1 without the interplay between the characters creating drama and humour and the writers and actors delivered both in grand style. An epic adventure!

My thanks to Ian for joining me this week, lots of trouble getting together thanks to real life but we got the show recorded. The plan is to open up the podcast to favourite episodes and other themes as I’ve achieved my initial purpose of the Stargate Archives in offering better content compared to our first Gatecast season. Guest spots are open to all, a skype connection and arranging a time is all that is required so if you are interested please get in touch.