Stargate SG1 - Politics

Daniel is in the infirmary having his wound treated and reveals to SG1 his adventure in the alternate reality, they are sceptical to say the least. Complications arise when Lt. Colonel Samuels turns up with a fact finding Senator in tow who has been made privy to the SGC after threatening to make public the $7.4 Billion budget for the operation tagged Area 52. Senator Kinsey claims he has an open mind but it's evident that armed with the mission reports he is more then ready to shut down the SGC and bury his head in the sand to the threat posed by other worlds and the Goa'uld in particular.  

Politics (10).jpg

Politics is a clip show with some new content to bind the money saving clips together and ultimately fails as a standalone episode but in terms of allowing the producers to go to town on the season finale then it was probably worth the hit in terms of quality and fan response. Of course having Ronny Cox as Senator Robert Kinsey doesn't hurt one single bit and you have to say any other actor may not have been able to raise the standard of the episode beyond "meh" and boy does he chew scenery. All the main characters get good dialogue to bounce off Kinsey and it is the small amount of new content which demonstrates why Stargate more often than not does a clip show with style even if Politics isn't quite there yet.

So this episode of the podcast was a little different as I didn't want to drag a guest into discussing a clip show so the idea of splicing in some clips mainly from Teal'c seemed to be a good idea. It's also a much shorter podcast than usual given that there is only so much to say based on the amount of new content and no one wants hear the same thoughts on the clips as discussed on their episodes proper. The next episode should be the season 1 finale "Within The Serpent's Grasp" and then we'll do the S2 opener "The Serpent's Lair" thus wrapping up this trilogy.

My thanks to everyone that has been supporting us on social media and of course listening to the show and as always if you fancy coming on then please get in touch, always been great to get new and familiar voices on the podcast.