There But For The Grace Of God

Stargate SG1 - There But For The Grace Of God

While exploring a deserted complex SG1 discover a Goa'uld totem indicating to all that visit that the world that it had been destroyed, Teal'c advises that they leave but Daniel is happily exploring and has found what looks to be some sort of research/storage facility full of alien tech. Jack orders the team home but Daniel starts to grab the artefacts and after handling one a large device activates, Daniel's curiosity takes over. He returns to the gate to find that SG1 have gone, annoyed he deals back and finds himself the target for every weapon in the gate room and a demand to identify himself...

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It becomes apparent that something is wrong, no one knows him and Catherine Langford is heading up the programme alongside Colonel Hammond and General O'Neill. The Earth is also under heavy assault by a Goa'uld invasion force, cities have been wiped out and then an alien ship is detected approaching Cheyenne Mountain. Daniel with some help finally figures out that the alien device and not the Stargate is responsible for him being in this "other" reality and while these people seem doomed they have intel that could save Daniel's Earth and thankfully they are not so different from the people we know as each gives of their whole to buy time and get Daniel home..

There but for the Grace of God is an exceptionally good episode making the most of the alternate reality trope to give us a look at what could have happened to Earth if one or two things went differently. Given that the episode didn't really stretch itself with major action set pieces or significant new characters it is quite amazing how entertaining it is but many scifi shows have demonstrated that spinning character attributes and situations can prove enjoyable, assuming some restraint is show (DS9 Mirror universe I am looking at you). Michael got to act which is never a bad thing and you got the impression everyone enjoyed doing something a little different and maybe just maybe Christopher took some small pleasure in having the final word with Jack.

My thanks to Ian for joining me again on the podcast, he has been a boon for the Archives as we've gone over the first season of Stargate SG1 once again. Our next show should be the "clip" themed Politics which introduces Senator Kinsey (yay) and then the season finale. We hope you have enjoyed listening and feel free to get in touch if you fancy joining me on the podcast and any reviews/ratings would be welcome.