Stargate Origins: Catherine

Stargate Origins: Catherine

Commentary Discussion



Well here we are turning back the clock as I am joined by Alan (creator of Gatecast) to discuss the feature presentation of the Stargate Origins webseries. As you may know the Gatecast was a commentary podcast mainly because getting Alan to watch and make notes of upcoming Stargate episodes was a chore but chatting on the fly as we watched seemed to work. The plan was to do a general discussion following the plot of the "movie" but for old times sake we switched back to a commentary. However the old setup used to watch and record along has become outdated and no longer works and the basic recording system I use know captured some of the video audio from Alan's side of the conversation. It's not perfect but if you choose to listen to this and watch your copy of SGO Catherine then it will sync up or you can of course just listen as we chat.


Stargate Origins was a ten part web series and suffered for it, without any doubt the editing and minor changes to present the story as feature has greatly improved the watchability and yes the enjoyment. I even watched it again with my mother who has been a long time scifi fan and she enjoyed it, not as much as SG1 back in the day but that was to be expected. This feature presentation from MGM is being sold globally (with some restrictions) and is available from various online streaming services (region specific) such as itunes, amazon and google play. If you were/are a subscriber to Stargate Command then you get a pass code/voucher for the movie but if you are not then it's retailing for around $20.

In the story we turn the clock back to 1935 as Professor Langford and his daughter research the artefact they discovered buried in Giza. The arrival of a Nazi contingent led by a Dr Wilhelm Brücke changes things dramatically as he has much more information on the device and its capabilities. He activates the gate and uses the threat of harm to Catherine to force the Professor to travel with him through the gate to act as a translator, Brucke is supremely confident in achieving his goals and is totally prepared. Upon arrival they encounter a technologically powerfully group but thanks to the Professor they being a dialogue although not before one the soldiers is killed. Catherine meanwhile escapes her captivity and seeks out her "friend" James a British officer who along with his local support (Wasif) return and repeat the gate activation sequence and follow into the unknown.

I'm going to leave the story there as that covers the basic narrative of the three episodes that were released through Stargate Command and can be viewed by anyone. The rest of the story (at this time) remains behind a paywall but hopefully at some point this will be shown on broadcast TV or released when new content arrives, yes we all still hope MGM is dedicated to the Stargate franchise going forward.

I want to thank Alan for joining me and allowing for the nostalgia of just the two of us watching and talking Stargate. I have to be honest and say the audio could have been cleaner but it's been well over a year since we last recorded and things have changed so no complaints.

Our next episode should be the Stargate SG1 "There But For The Grace Of God" and then onto "Politics" and wrapping the season finale multiparter. After that the plan is to cherry pick our guests favourite episodes from across the whole franchise, not sure what will happen if someone picks an Infinity episode! Reviews, comments and feedback always welcome and if you are on any social media then say hello :)


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