Tin Man

Tin Man

Stargate SG1

The team gate to an unknown world and discover a huge complex which is high tech (in places) but shows sign of age and is generally run down. A globe floats above them which is mysterious and then they are struck by some sort of energy beam and collapse. They awake and well nothing seems strange apart from a being named Harlan (Jay Brazeau) who claims they are all "better" and should stay but Jack is having none of this and so they gate back to Stargate Command but during the medical Janet discovers that Jack has no heart beat and when he rips open his arm a silver liquid spills out. The General orders them to be detained but they are SG1 despite the silver blood...

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The four members of SG1 feel rundown (hehehe) and return to the planet and Harlan is delighted to see them, as power floods back into their bodies they feel better and they learn that they are copies of the original SG1 intended to aid Harlan in maintaining this complex. There is certainly evidence that physically and intellectually they are indeed "better" but Teal'c goes a little bonkers and tries to kill Jack, Harlan vaporises this version of Teal'c and a little logic later they realise their original bodies were not lost and so Harlan reveals yet more secrets. Decisions have to be made as the teams talk with each other and their counterparts, Jack in particular rubs the other Jack the wrong way, it's an O'Neill thing.

Tin Man was an entertaining and well written episode, the budget seemed to have been limited as the CGI in some places was very poor and the location not overly jazzed up but Jay as Harlan was magnificent. Interesting how they handled Teal'c, kinda made sense and of course while Daniel and Sam seemed to handle their alternate selves well Jack had issues and we'll see more of that in a few seasons.

My thanks to Ian for joining me again for this episode of Stargate, it took a while for this to be released thanks to real life throwing a curveball and I simply wasn't in the mood to sit in front of the PC. The next episode may be "There But for the Grace of God" or perhaps a look at Stargate Origins: Catherine which has just been released, it depends upon scheduling.

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