Stargate SG1 - Solitudes

As SG1 come under fire soon after arriving on a new world their gate travel is interrupted, Teal'c and Daniel find themselves crashing into the gate room under Cheyenne Mountain while Sam and a seriously injured Jack are in an ice cavern at an unknown location. On the upside gravity and the atmosphere seem conducive to human life but with limited supplies the two SG members may perish on this mysterious world. 

Solitudes (15).jpg

At the SGC the damage to the gate is significant, Sgt Siler and his team are busy repairing the power relays and associated kit but once restored a MALP sent back comes under fire again but there is no sign that Jack and Sam were left behind. Daniel proposes that they might have been ejected from the system at a gate along the wormholes path so Hammond sends teams out to scout the dozens of worlds, alas no sign of the missing SG members and when injuries begin to occur the General reluctantly calls off the search. Meanwhile Sam finds a DHD buried in the ice and gains access to it but limited power prevents the gate from engaging, Sam is confused when she can't even get a "lock" on the Earth address. With time running out and hope dwindling will Jack survive his injuries, will Sam find help and will Daniel ever stop nagging the General...

Solitudes is without doubt one of the better episodes of the first season of Stargate SG1 although there are issues with the plot but early on the rules for DHD and Gate mechanics were less settled and if you can overlook some issues you've got an entertaining episode. Sam and Jack of course are the focus of the episode with good chemistry between the two actors and also showing Sam's all round capabilities. There is not a lot for Teal'c to do and Daniel pretty much is Daniel (nice call back to the movie) and we get to see the hardcore military side of the General. All in all a fun watch.

Thanks to Thomas for joining me so long ago to record our discussion, hopefully he'll be back shortly perhaps when we start to cherry pick episodes from the whole franchise. There is an open invitation for anyone who would like to come on the podcast and talk about their favourite episode of the show, skype and a mic/headset is all that is required and then arrange an hour or so when we are both free to record. That aside any ratings or review, tweets, likes etc would be most welcome, while the Stargate Archives is more casual than Gatecast we would still like to get as many people listening as possible.

Next time we should be chatting about the SG1 episode Tin Man, won't that be fun :)