The Broca Divide

Stargate SG1 The Broca Divide

Analysis of the the partial gate address used by Apophis has presented a new world for the SGC to investigate, the MALP however reports a world devoid of light. SG1 and SG3 (Marine Unit) gate to the planet and come under attack from some natives, weapons fire drives them away and SG1 discover a small camp which is then subsequently "attacked" by a group of white robed figures. We learn that on this world modelled on the Minoan culture there are the "touched" and "untouched" the former have been infected by a medical condition which the locals consider to be the work of an evil god.

The SG teams return to Earth but one by one the team members display aggression and attitudes counter to their normal state, Dr Frasier begins quarantine procedures and when Daniel and Teal'c show no symptoms they are sent back to secure a blood sample. Daniel gets himself captured but Teal'c returns with the blood and Janet creates a cure and tests in on Jack. SG teams armed with tranquilizers secure the immediate area of the gate and rescue a "touched" Daniel and prove to the leaders of the city that there is a cure, families are reunited and bells are rung.

The Broca Divide has an interesting concept that due to budget doesn't really reach its potential but there are still many entertaining scenes as well as the introduction of Janet played by Teryl Rothery. My thanks to Brad for talking Stargate once again and to Mack for the 5 star UK itunes review, we'd love to get a few more.