Stargate Archives - Voyager


Message In A Bottle

Welcome to another show drawn from the archives (Dec 2014) of the Gatecast podcast, this was a bonus episode which celebrated the work of Robert Picardo as the Doctor on Voyager.

On this episode we are joined by Michael his first time on the show and we will be discussing the Star Trek Voyager episode Message In A Bottle in which Robert plays the holographic Doctor as usual and it's one of the many Voyager stories which his character takes center stage and makes the most of his talents which as Stargate fans we are familiar with when he played Richard Woolsey on both SG1 and Atlantis.

In Message In A Bottle Seven of Nine discovers a quadrant spanning communications network which seems to be abandoned and then detects at extreme range a Starfleet vessel, they attempt to communicate but the signal is corrupted and Janeway decides to send a holographic encoded signal which will retain it's integrity for longer and of course they volunteer the Doctor. He appears on board the USS Prometheus a prototype long range tactical vessel, the human crew are all dead and the ship is controlled by Romulans. The Doctor encourages the ships EMH (a more advanced model) to help recapture the ship and the two of them raise to the challenge with much danger and hilarity. Andy Dick guest stars as the EMH mark 2 and in his way this holographic being is as flawed as the original model but in the short space of time interacting with our Doctor he grows and begins to see himself as a being in how own right not just part of the technology of the ship.

We were fortunate on this show to be joined by Michael Clark who is making his first appearance on Gatecast, Michael has hosted and appeared on way too many podcasts to mention and was jointly responsible for creating The Visionary Trek network which currently has three podcasts which deal with all aspects of Star Trek and who excel in interviews, news and features.