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Stargate SG1 Emancipation

The team gate to a new world where the rescue a young man who is being perused by dogs, turns out they were hunting dogs which are driven off by gunfire. The young man (Abu) thanks Jack and is amazed that one of his rescuers is a female, soon they are joined by his father whose first act is to order the execution of Carter for being a woman. He relents when it is explained they are not from around here and are unaware of cultural norms and of course they just saved the leader's son. Daniel pushes to spend some time in the nearby camp despite the obvious issues that will directly effect Carter rather than the male members of the team so when they go to party she has to stay hidden away from eyes of the menfolk in a tent. Of course she then gets kidnapped by Abu who intends to trade her for the daughter of a rival clan, this too does not go well and it looks like Carter is in heap of trouble no fault of her own.

Emancipation is an early episode of the show that gets some stick for its portrayal of women both in the native culture of this planet and how Carter herself is treated by them and her own team. There is also some issues with the casting although it has to be said the production made a good effort and getting non-caucasian actors to play the majority of parts but let themselves down by casting Nya with a white actress. Crystal Lowe who played Nya did a fine job but her colouring looks totally out of place in this community.

Overall not as bad an episode as it's rated across the fandom but it's certainly not the highlight of the first season. My thanks once again to Brad for joining me on the podcast and he'll return for the next episode (Broca Divide) and Jeff should be with me for "The First Commandment". Feedback is more than welcome as are ratings and reviews over on itunes.