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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore

Richard Dean Anderson guest stars in Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore a season seventeen episode of the animated comedy The Simpsons. He plays himself in a story which involves a Stargate SG1 convention in Springfield and the over enthusiastic attentions of two devoted MacGyver fans with the aid of some rope and a hammer. During the fun and games Mr Burns has outsources the nuclear power plant to India and Homer as the sole union member who retains his job is sent overseas to run the facility with some unexpected consequences.
The Simpsons is well known for making full use of it’s famous guest stars playing themselves and in this case spinning a Stargate and MacGyver tale around Richard Dean Anderson is inspired as it also pokes fun at the culture of fandom a few years before it really became well I guess mainstream and accepted in mass media. RDA has serious fun sending up his MacGyver persona the role which made him a global celebrity in the hit series. The second story in the episode follows Homer as he moves to India to run the outsourced nuclear power plant, a healthy dose of satire aimed squarely at the US and a few other societies that are pricing themselves out of manufacturing and maybe even seeing it as beneath them.

How can you go wrong with Richard Dean Anderson and The Simpsons, well this proved you couldn't and we hope you enjoyed this look back into the archives of the Gatecast podcast. Hopefully more new content will be arriving soon and we'll continue to cherry pick some of shows from the original run of Gatecast.

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