The Enemy Within

General Hammond has assigned missions to SG1 and SG2 but they are unable to use the gate due to sustained incoming wormholes. The belief is that Apophis is continually dialng Earth and sending troops through maybe unaware of the Iris being used to prevent rematerialisation. Major Kawalsky visits the infirmary as he is suffering from an intense headache, the doctor notices movement on his back and neck and Kawalsky's eyes flash and the SGC has been breached.

Colonel Kennedy is conducting an informal debrief of Teal'c who is unable to offer any insights into Goa'uld technology. Meanwhile Kawalsky has an MRI and the symbiote is detected, he reacts violently and Captain Carter is injured in his escape attempt but when trapped the symbiote releases control of the host but the secret is out.

Colonel Kennedy is delighted and argues that the sacrifice of one man is worth the intelligence offered thanks to the genetic memory of all Goa'uld but the operation to remove the symbiote is successful or is it....

The Enemy Within is a good episode to follow on from the excellent Children of the Gods although it was disappointing that Kawalsky the character which bridged over from the movie wasn't allowed to develop more but hey never dead in scifi. There were also some good moments between the main cast indicating some wise and may inspired choices in the casting process as well writing to make the social dynamic seamless.

My thanks to Brad for joining me again this week and to Ian for our first itunes review. Next week we should be covering Emancipation which generates "opinions" amongst fans, join us for that and please let us know what you think of the show and the cast.