Children Of The Gods

Children Of The Gods

Final Cut Discussion

I am joined by Brad this week for a discussion on the Stargate SG1 pilot Children of the Gods or more accurately the Final Cut DVD release which was a pet project of Brad Wright and MGM who were looking for a low investment item to bring to market. There was a minor hiccup in our discussion as Brad watched the original version but it did give some more opportunities to highlight the changes between the two releases.

Children of the Gods at least the Showtime and original DVD release is a strange beast, the graphic content (nudity) was perhaps not unexpected given that Showtime were the primary broadcaster and they like all premium cable had to offer something networks didn't. Of course as we know Stargate quickly shifted towards a more family friendly approach and the beautiful Sha're (Vaitiare Hirshon) not withstanding it was a wise decision. The chemistry between the cast was evident straight away especially after a certain cringe worthy line is removed the script something Brad always wanted to do. We also get to see far more of Teal'c making it more evident how strong he felt about the duties his "god" expected him to carry on. That made his choice to help Jack far more believable.

Overall the Final Cut is a very rewarding viewing experience and there is also a very entertaining commentary from Brad Wright and RDA so if for nothing else...

My thanks to Brad for joining me on the podcast and if you are of a mind you can pay his latest project a visit, he now hosts The Lost World Minute Podcast and I'm sure he would like your support. Personally I enjoy listening to the Minute by Minute podcasts, currently listening to two of them.

Next week or the next release should be The Enemy Within, no schedule release date as of yet but it will arrive sooner or later. We'd love to hear what you think of the new format compared to what we were doing on the Gatecast, opinions most welcome.