The First Commandment

Stargate SG1 The First Commandment

Two men dressed in Stargate Command uniforms flee through the forest pursued by natives armed with blow darts, one man is wounded and falls yet urges the other on to the Stargate. The wounded man is surrounded by natives and others seemingly dressed in SGC kit while in the distance the gate activates, at least one man has escaped. The wounded man is then executed and his body burnt.

SG1 gate to the planet to investigate SG9 who have been on the world for some time, they come across the man (Lt. Connor) who activated the gate and he reveals that his SG team leader Captain Jonas Hanson has gone rogue and is playing God with the native population. Jack attempts to order both Connor and Carter (former fiance of Hanson) to return to Earth but both refuse and later that night their camp is attacked and Connor taken. The team infiltrate the local settlement and see hundreds of people mining the local rocks under armed oversight, we learn that Jonas wants them to build a temple and he is willing to let them work under the lethal daylight to achieve his desires. Naturally SG1 are opposed to this and find support amongst the locals first through a young man named Jamala who reveals that their "god" has promised to protect them from the sun with a golden shield, it sounds familiar to Teal'c. Sam meanwhile has attempted to directly contact Jonas but has only got herself captured and when Jack is taken and used as leverage to get Sam to fix the shield device things start to come together and offer a chance for rebellion.

The FIrst Commandment is a solid first season episode, not sure Sam's backstory with Hanson really worked well but we see how all of the SG1 are unwilling to turn their back on each other and others that require help. We will see similar plot points in many future episodes most of them written better but again first season and everyone is still finding their footing. Also worth noting this is an early appearance by Roger Cross who appears later in the show as the same character and is a very in demand actor in television.

Thanks to Jeff for joining me for this episode of the archives, he will return to make up for his too few appearances in last year or so of Gatecast. Thoughts and comments are most welcome and itunes reviews/ratings would be appreciated, so until next time which should be a look at Cold Lazarus take care and keep watching Stargate.

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