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Stargate Origins Discussion

We first got a hint that something was on the horizon when the Stargate Command mailing list appeared along with confirmation of a Stargate panel at the 2017 SDCC. Obviously a new series was the favoured and most hoped for announcement and while that's not quite what we got the decision to produce a web based 10 episode series was perhaps more than we could have hoped for not that long ago. The choice to look back at events as they surround Catherine Langford is interesting, there are certainly time periods where she was aware of the artifact and of some of it's properties which were never covered in any of the series. A prequel show/mini-series can be tricky when you have pussyfoot around continuity but I think they have the breathing room to do just that, no doubt we will find out soon.

My thanks to Alan and Stephen for a last minute podcast recording session in which we have a casual chat about the potential of Origins and what we may end up with and the decision for it to be a feature of a MGM subscription based digital portal for the franchise. Fingers crossed that in years to come we can look back at say this is where the rebirth of Stargate began.

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