T. Fox Dunham Interview

Stargate Author Interview

T. Fox Dunham


This week on the Stargate Archives I was joined by author T. Fox Dunham (aka Fox) who had his short story “Hermiod’s Last Mission” included in the Points of Origin anthology published by Fandemonium. His other work tends to focus in the Horror and Supernatural genre as seen by his prolific output in anthologies but he has also written three novels covering very different subjects. We talk in the interview about Mercy, The Street Martyr and Hermiod’s Last Mission (all three I have read and reviewed elsewhere) as well as Destroying the Tangible Illusion of Reality; or, Searching for Andy Kaufman. We also chat about his outlook on life having to deal with the demands of making a living by writing and dealing with major health issues.


It's no surprise that I can highly recommend picking up the Points Of Origin anthology which is a superb collection of Stargate related short stories and Hermiod’s Last Mission is a beautiful piece set in the Atlantis storyline but has strong ties to the SG1 episode The Fifth Race. If you have an interest in Horror then Mercy is wonderfully dark as it deals with a supernatural element emerging in a hospital while The Street Martyr has a strong crime slant and deals with the base elements that infect humanity with no need for outside influence. I enjoyed both novels and my chat with Fox flew by and hopefully you will enjoy the discussion as much as I did.


Check out Fox’s published work over on Amazon and don’t forget to leave a review, the promotion of an author’s work is key to their income after all and just like podcasters we like to know someone appreciates our work be it for a living or as in my case a hobby.

Fox is also a host on the What Are You Afraid Of Podcast which features stories and interviews.

The next episode from the Archives will be a look at The Daedalus Variations with my guest Brad and should be out this month. I also have to schedule some more recordings so if you are interested in chatting about your favourite episodes of Stargate then get in touch as we can arrange something.