The Fifth Race

Stargate SG1 - The Fifth Race

Daniel discovers very old and interesting text on some data returned by a probe, it matches one of the languages discovered on the world that was home to Ernest Littlefield and indicated that at least four alien races were allied. General Hammond authorises a mission and Jack is pretty much bored silly until he looks into an alien device which then grabs him, strobes lights into his eyes and then when released he collapses. Upon return medically he checks out but he starts to draw some interesting things and then substitutes alien language for specific English words. Dr Fraiser discovers some worrying things about Jack’s brain which precludes him from joining Sam and Teal’c on a mission which goes off the rails very quickly.

FifthRace (1).jpg

Jack who is quickly losing his ability to communicate never the less creates the solution to the Stargate problem which is preventing Sam and her team from returning to Earth. He returns once more to constructing a mysterious piece of kit which he then connects to the power systems of the mountain which directly feed the gate. As the system copes with the power the dialling computer accepts an eighth symbol and Jack is allowed to step into the unknown without a GDO….

The Fifth Race is my favourite episode of Stargate SG1 due to the combination of world building/mythology, great chemistry between the characters and a good dose of drama and humour to bind everything together. It is truly a wonderful scene as Jack meets the Asgard and they without question help him and give him just a little bit of information to makes a few things make sense. Oh, the music is fantastic as well.

Thanks to Ian for joining me this week, he’s been very busy but we got the recording done before christmas and as with my more relax release schedule two months here we are. As usual reviews/ratings are most welcome and feel free to get in touch especially if you fancy coming on the show and talking about your favourite episode from SG1, Atlantis or Universe.