Stargate SG1 Singularity

A routine mission to the planet Hanka and an off world facility which is monitoring a singularity turns dangerous as SG1 discover dead bodies in the area surround the gate and the telescope. There are no signs of violence and concerned with the threat of biological/chemical agents they don their protection gear and continue to explore the local area and the facility. It turns out that SG-7 are also dead and Dr Fraiser puts the team through decontamination even though at this point there is no specific cause detected.

Singularity (1).jpg

A sweep is undertaken to tag the bodies and they spy movement in the bushes, Teal'c goes to investigate and discovers a young girl, they return to the facility and she is given the all clear and along with Sam and Daniel gate back to Earth. Jack and Teal'c stay behind to maintain the operation, Jack being an amateur astronomy this is too good to pass up and also honours the dead by finishing their work. Janet confirms there is contamination in the planets water and soil but no signs of further issues but the young girl remains silent, the trauma perhaps being too much for her but Sam continues to try to bring the girl out of her shell. Eventually we learn her name is Cassandra (played by Katie Stuart) but soon after she collapses in pain and is diagnosed has having a potassium deficiency but further investigation reveals something in her chest that is not natural and is consuming hre bodies resources to grow.

Meanwhile on the planet Jack and Teal'c observe a Ha'tak through the telescope which launches gliders, the two men barely escape but Teal'c identifies the ships and knows that the Goa'uld Nirrti has in the past destroyed Stargates using individuals as weapons. Cassandra is the weapon, a trojan horse designed to tug at the heart strings of SG teams and remove the Earth as a threat but what can the SGC do now....

Singularity is an average episode which for me is entertaining but maybe not because it's a great story. The location work and sets/props are very good, the chemistry between Sam and Cassandra (plus Janet) works well but I think the plot/interaction could have been better. It was great to see Jack having fun with his telescope and a first look at a new System Lord who at this time is make not the female we came to know. Cassandra of course returns in later episodes (no spoilers at this point) and works well adding to Janet and her story.

My thanks to Brad for joining me for this show, we recorded this before christmas and my lackadaisy approach to releasing content means it's been a while sitting on the PC. Of course you can always listen to the original Gatecast recordings which were religiously released on a weekly schedule, now I have a Buffy rewatch and Star Trek Online taking up editing time so that's my excuse:)

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