Stargate SG1 Hathor

An archeological dig in Mexico unearths a sarcophagus, unexpectedly it opens revealing a woman who let's say wakes up mean. Sometime later the SGC receives the Goa'uld device and an unexpected visitor comes knocking at the door claiming to know that the Stargate is housed within the mountain. She is detained and when questioned is able to use some sort of chemical/pheromone to take control of Daniel and then one by one every male in the vicinity. Sam is confused as to why her fellow officers and friends seem to be bowing down to the woman claiming to be Hathor a goddess and enemy of Ra but it soon becomes clear.

Hathor (2).jpg

As Hathor takes control of Stargate Command and prepares Daniel to be the father of a new strain of Goa'uld and Jack to be her first Jaffa the woman of the base (not that many of them) attempting to intervene, they are captured but escape and kick some ass! Hathor of course escapes and leaves a lot of men behind who will have to hear some embarrassing stories of their conduct for years to come....

Hathor is a mixed bag, it's quite fun but lacks that certain strength in writing and execution to make it a really good first season episode. Suanne Braun who played Hathor did an excellent job and her interactions with Daniel, Jack and Hammond were great fun. Sam and Janet led the saviours of the base and threw in a little social commentary in terms of the number of women currently in the US Airforce and assigned to the SGC and maybe Janet was getting a little to swept up with the femme fatale persona, again great fun.

My thanks to Ian for joining me this week, he'll be back shortly as we have recorded a number of episodes on the run up to the recently holidays. The next episode should be Solitudes so stay tuned and if you want to join me for a show just drop me a line and a review/rating on itunes would be appreciated.