The Nox

Secretary of Defense David Swift visits Stargate Command and is impressed with the operation but raises the point that they are not bringing home the technology that will allow Earth or more importantly the US government to makes leaps and bounds in their development. It's pointed out that creating allies amongst races far more advanced (and some not) will pay off in the long run but the Secretary is not convinced. Teal'c suggests a visit to a world which has been put on a Goa'uld "blacklist" which is supposedly the home of a creature that can become invisible at will, the mission is a go.

The Nox (18).jpg

Upon arrival they are surprised to find that the Stargate and MALP have vanished and that Apophis (Peter Williams) with an honour guard is also hunting this creature. SG1 decide to capture Apophis instead of the creature but their ambush is weak to say the least and well everyone but Teal'c is killed. Of course this is scifi so a few minutes later they are all alive once more and meet the natives of this world who seem to be very simple and spiritual folk at ease with the natural world. This is not quite correct as Jack and Apophis come to learn but each of them take something very different away from meeting members of The Nox.

The Nox is a very entertaining episode and is an excellent example of the positives when SG teams meet alien races are so far in advance of us there is little cross over to make a workable dialogue. Anteaus (Armin Shimerman) often speaks as if to SG1 being children and in this regard humanity is like kids running around the galaxy with big weapons but SG1 show potential and ultimately a secret is revealed which could in time be significant.

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