Stargate Atlantis Midway

The IOA are flexing their bureaucratic muscles as Teyla and Ronon are forced to undergo interviews and debriefings to validate their commitment to Stargate Command despite their past endeavours. Teyla returns to Atlantis after two days in interviews and reveals to Sam and John that she may not return to field duty after the birth of her child. There are some concerns over how Ronon will react to a probing interview and Sam asks Teal'c to provide some insights into dealing with the "suits", Ronon does not appreciate his presence or input.

The two men enter the Midway system which takes them to the space station in the void between the Milky Way and Pegasus but unbeknown to them the Wraith are hacking the network and soon send an assault team to take the station. After heavy fighting Midway is now under Wraith control and they dial Earth and send a device through to the SGC which stuns the entire base allowing a squad of Wraith to storm the complex. Ronon and Teal'c follow close behind and thus a running and violent battle continues as the two men fight to save the SGC and by extension the entire population of the planet.

Midway is a fantastic episode of Stargate Atlantis both in terms of story and action but also the very welcome presence of Christopher Judge. Teal'c and Ronon were in essence the same character, an outsider learning to fit in but bringing skills and insights which the SGC can not do without out. The decision to have Ronon to view Teal'c in a very negative way was inspired, it made for a lot of humour but set up the bonding process as the two warriors did what they do best, saving lives with extreme skill and dedication. 

My thanks to Alan for joining me on the podcast and the Stargate Archives is not going to worry too much about jumping around the original broadcast schedules, if a guest wants to talk SG1, Atlantis or Universe then we can do that. Of course it makes it easier when the Gatecast went through sequentially so if anyone out there wants to join me then get in touch and we can talk Stargate.