Fire And Water

Stargate SG1 Fire And Water

Daniel is Dead.

Yes you heard me, Daniel is dead, again. Not just reported dead as in the original mission to Abydos but burnt to a crisp in front of the remaining members of SG1, or is he?

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Fire And Water deals with the psychological ramifications of the loss of Daniel in what amounted to a simple unforeseen incident on an alien world. What should have been a simple mission underlined the inherent dangers in exploring the unknown and the impact it can have on teams who may not be considering the consequences in the same manner as if on active military duty in an Earth based war zone. Of course it soon becomes apparent that Sam, Jack and Teal'c are dealing with something other than survivors guilt, flashbacks and what are considered to be triggers when returning to the world is mentioned indicates there is more to the story, The clinching piece of data is the experienced timeframe, the team were missing for hours where as they thought they had been gone for far less. Hypnocise reveals some of the missing memories and SG1 return to the world in the hopes of finding Daniel.

Meanwhile Daniel.....

Fire And Water was not a bad episode although it suffers from the lack of impact once you know what is going on let alone repeated viewing removes the "what if" of losing a major character early on in a series. The prosthetics for Nem were very nice when in his world, lighting and camera worked hand in hand with makeup no doubt but not so good when in daylight. Gerard Plunkett as Nem didn't have a lot to do but did it with style and allowed Michael to "act" against him. The rest of the cast delivered solid performances and great to see Janet holding her own against the General.

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