Stargate SG1 Bloodlines

Teal'c awakes from a nightmare where he saw a young boy being implanted with a symbiote, he reveals to Jack that when he informed the SGC he had no further ties to Chulak he had been less than honest. It turns out that Teal'c is married and has a son and it is the time for his boy Rya'c to undergo the Prim'ta ceremony and receive his first symbiote. Teal'c is going to prevent this at all costs and General Hammond eventually assigns SG1 to help in this endeavour.

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The team disguise themselves as priests accompanied by Teal'c in his armour and eventually secure themselves on Chulak. They find the home of Teal'c burnt to the ground and on one remaining wall the symbol of a traitor (Shol'va). It's here that an older warrior makes his appearance, he embraces Teal'c and is introduced as former first prime Bra'tac. He does not seem to amused to see SG1 but confirms that Rya'c and Drey'auc are both ok but living as outcasts. The group split with Carter and Jackson going to secure the gate while Jack, Bra'tac and Teal'c head for the camp. Teal'c gets there in time to prevent the implantation but is then attacked, his wife as it turns out who screams at him that Rya'c is ill and the symbiote was the only way to save him...

Bloodlines secures its place in Stargate history by introducing us to the one and only Bra'tac wonderfully played by Tony Amendola, the character will become a staple of the show as the battle between the Goa'uld and the Tau'ri rages. It's debatable if the revelations of his family makes Teal'c a better character but it certainly does no harm to add a little more depth to the man. Of course Bra'tac steals the show and will continue to do so everytime he appears in an episode, writing and casting created a master piece in this grizzled veteran of a warrior.

My thanks to Tim for joining me on this podcast, the recording went on for quite a bit longer than expected and the resulting podcast length is a little longer as you would expect, we did ramble at times. As always love to get more people on the show so get in touch if you want to join me and an itunes review/rating would be most welcome. The next show should be Fire And Water but best laid plans and all that :)

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