Desert Island Stargate

Desert Island Stargate

Desert Island Discs is a well respected BBC radio show which was created by Roy Plomley in 1942. The concept is simple, a guest would choose eight discs (records), a book and a luxury item to take with them onto a desert island along with a bible and the works of Shakespeare. They would then explain the importance of these items to them and if they chose the guest wisely then an entertaining discussion would be presented. Now I listen to many Star Trek podcasts and one in particular (Ten Forward) had a feature called Desert Island Trek which mirrored the format and asked a guest for the Star Trek episodes they would take to a desert island along with a few episodes that were so firmly rooted in fandom as being "great" they were a given to obviously prevent guests from continuingly choosing the same episodes.

Now here at Stargate Archives we've been looking into spicing up the new content of the podcast, we've already changed to a discussion format rather than a commentary one and are currently redoing the first season of SG1. Given that first time around the podcast improved over time there may be diminishing returns in redoing too much of the original Gatecast so we need something new. I've decided that we are going to shamelessly appropriate the desert island format and ask a guest to pick any three episodes from the three live action series of Stargate (sorry no Infinity) and then have a good natter about the choices. Once again a number of episodes of Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe would be put aside as being a given for the desert islander and that has been a tough call on which to put aside and thus not talk about. So for now here are the Stargate episodes that will miraculously appear in the inventory of the Stargate fan when they find themselves all alone on a tropical beach surrounded by coconuts and yes pineapples (got to have a pineapple in Stargate). Based on the poll we had for Stargate Universe there wasn't an and out favourite so for now they are all in play.

Episodes Not Available to Choose

Children of the Gods
Window Of Opportunity
Fifth Race
Wormhole X-Treme!

Letters From Pegasus
McKay And Mrs Miller
The Shrine

If you would be interested in appearing on the podcast and choosing three episodes to talk about then please get in touch with us, you can leave a comment here or use our social media portals. We record over skype so a microphone/headset and the skype app on your computer/tablet etc is all that we need, obviously watching the episodes to refresh our memories would be useful and when scheduling a chat time for that and of course global time zones will be taken into consideration.

I've got a few of the regular Gatecast guests already interested and ultimately over time a few episodes will be chosen by multiple guests but with over 300 to choose from that shouldn't be a problem. We do however want to get as many new guests on the show as possible so please if you are interested get in touch.

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