The Tomb

Stargate SG1 “The Tomb”

Evidence found outside the entrance of a Ziggurat on the planet P2X-338 indicates that a Russian team had visited the world recently, further investigation confirms that a team had been lost on the world prior to the Russian program being shut down after the events of Watergate. A Russian team arrives at the SGC and together with SG1 and with the data which instigated the initial Russian interest they gate to the planet and eventually gain access to the ziggurat. Inside they find the remains of the team and it looks like something had eaten them, a sarcophagus is found, sealed from the outside. Colonel Zukhov however triggers a pressure plate and as the structure quakes the entrance is sealed, Lt. Marchenko is lost in the attempt to escape. Zukhov opens the sarcophagus and finds the remains of the System Lord Marduk and again the bones show small teeth marks, whatever finally killed the Goa’uld took a long long time to do it and maybe was responsible for the demise of the first Russian team and with that the two teams find themselves in a battle for survival with a small and fast moving creature as well as the symbiote which as they are oft to do survive until an opportunity presents itself.

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The Tomb was an entertaining episode and the reluctant integration of the Russians was done well, storywise it had to happen after all once the Russians knew of the Stargate program and contributed via the DHD they were not going to let the Americans do whatever they wanted. Naturally the episode plays up Jack’s annoyance with the situation and we get to see the complications that can arise with a different military mindset and an additional intelligence/security endeavour. The episode won a LEO award for "Best Production Designer in a Dramatic Series" and rightfully so, the design, construction and realism of the ziggurat set combined with the excellent shadow and dust filled scene filming hid nothing from the viewer and looked spectacular.

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