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The team exit a space gate and arrive in orbit around the world of Doranda to find huge amounts of Wraith Hive ship wreckage, closer inspection of the planet finds only devastation apart from one structure noticeably more advanced than the surrounding construction. They venture down and find an Ancient outpost relatively unnotched by the battle that had obviously been waged ten thousand years ago. McKay discovers that this was the focus of experiments into power generation from a subspace realm within out own universe unlike the ZPM which generate smaller scale output from a sterile pocket universe. Despite the bodies and the failure of the experiment (well apart from powering a weapon which wiped out the Wraith) McKay is convinced he can get it to work. Weir is obviously concerned but bows to the pressure from Colonel Caldwell and Shepherds own flag waving for McKay.

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It isn’t going to be any surprise that things go spectacularly wrong (this is McKay we are talking about) and well the technology and a good chunk of the solar system are lost. Meanwhile Ronon and Teyla have been off world (Belkan) seeking trade deals and Ronon meets some fellow survivors from Sateda including his former military taskmaster (in a good way) Kel who it turns out betrayed his oath and sacrificed his men to aid hos own escape when the Wraith attacked. Ronon being well Ronon takes steps…

Trinity was chosen by Thomas and he picked a mighty fine episode of Atlantis. We get good character growth from McKay, Teyla and especially Ronon whose back story needed filling out as well as a very entertaining main story allowing McKay and John to take center stage and to see how they react when things go badly wrong. A learning experience for everyone involved you could say,.

My thanks to Thomas for joining me on the podcast to take Stargate Atlantis Trinity and hopefully he will be back at some future time to talk about another favoured episode. If anyone wants to come on the show and chat about their favourite Stargate episode then get in touch and we will arrange something. Check us out over on Facebook, Tumblr, G+ and of course Twitter as well as Apple Podcasts and Stitcher, a review/rating would be most welcome.

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