Stargate SG1

SG1 gate to a world that is being racked by huge volcanic eruptions, an earlier MALP visit did not indicate such a serious problem but as they discover bodies they themselves may be in serious danger. Further investigation reveals some of the people are still alive so they return them to Earth to provide medical care and we learn these few are the last surviving inhabitants of the world that has just been evacuated. Their leader Omoc ( Tobin Bell ) claims they were waiting for transport after making sure the gate could not be used and he believes his people would have been better off left for dead. It seems the Tolan are a very advanced human society that has a code of conduct (prime directive) when dealing with less advanced cultures. He can not and will not help Earth or even allow real interaction between his people and those the SGC offer up as potential destinations such as Tuplo from the Land of Light.

Enigma (10).jpg

The NID then make an appearance led by Colonel Maybourne ( Tom McBeath ) and as usual they demand compliance from the SGC but Hammond dodges on a technicality. Time is running out to get these people somewhere safe even Narim ( Garwin Sanford ) who has spoken to Sam and offered her some insight into his culture is in danger of confinement despite developing a real relationship with her and the cat. Time is running out and some out of the box thinking is required to save the day.

Enigma is an episode which looks at how another race may judge the SGC and its personnel, we've had similar before with The Nox but these are humans who have advanced beyond us so there is that twist. It was a good episode for Sam who was allowed to form a bond with Narim and good for Daniel for using his intellect to ultimately aid in solving the dilemma of finding the Tolan a way home (if possible). Maybourne makes his first appearance as well and we'll get so much great stuff from his appearances on the show for years to come.

My thanks to Ian for joining me on this episode and next time we are going to be looking at Solitudes and I will be joined by Thomas so hope you stick around. I would love to hear from you and of course and ratings/reviews or social media interactions would be welcome and if you want to talk Stargate get in touch, we can arrange something.