Stargate Universe


On this episode of the Stargate Archives I am joined by Evy via twitter who has been following us for a while and commented on a previous episode (Malice). I asked her if she was interested in chatting about another of her favourite Stargate episodes and she said yes and chose the excellent Universe episode “Hope”.

SGU_HOPE (9).jpg

In the aftermath of the Lucian Alliance assault on Earth the failure of the communications stones has left Destiny all alone. The loss of Ginn and Amanda has hurt Eli and Rush respectively but the crew are extremely worried over friends and family at Homeworld Command and given the resources of the Alliance maybe even Earth itself. Round the clock use of the stones continues and Dr Volker seems to be slightly the worse for wear, it turns out he has had an existing condition which without medication had led to a kidney issue, the only solution is a transplant. Greer is a match but even with the Ancient tech accessible there is little to help TJ who has never had the training for this sort of procedure but Young pretty much paints a black and white picture, try or he dies. Meanwhile Chloe while on stone duty is overwritten by the consciousness of Ginn who is not aware of anything happening, she is shocked to say the least to find out she was murdered and Amanda while linked also died. The brain trust go to work trying to understand what is happening and conclude the mind is energy and remains just not in the same form and like Franklin perhaps the Destiny computer can provide a safe harbour for Ginn and later Amanda while preserving Chole body and soul.

Hope is an excellent episode of Stargate Universe, great drama and they played the humour to the max to offset the dire circumstances. Greer really shone while TJ handled the pressure well and the other plot elements allowed Rush and Eli to work together and interact where their significant others to a degree only science fiction allows for. The crew as a whole learnt that their home was safe and certain members certainly were given new opportunities and not forgetting the “family” dynamic a few of the characters offered, yeah who would have thought Greer would turn out to be such a decent human being.

My thanks to Evy for joining me and chatting about one of her favorite episodes of Stargate, if you want to guest on the podcast then get in touch and we can sort something out. If you fancy giving a rating or review then would be well received but for now glad you enjoyed the podcast, keep watching Stargate and lets hope 2019 sees some movement from MGM for it’s return to television.