Seaquest - Vapors

Seaquest - Vapors

I’m not able to record at the moment thanks to some building work so dug out a Gatecast bonus episode as we were joined by Thomas to discuss the uber DeLuise episode of Seaquest “Vapors”. It seemed appropriate given it was Peter’s birthday this week.

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Seaquest is an American scifi series set in the near future. The particular episode is from the second season called “Vapors” and stars four of the DeLuise clan beginning with Peter and Michael who are regulars on the show with Dom as a major guest star and David appearing in a bit part. In Vapors Tony (Michael) is asked by his father Nick (Dom) to help him with a problem as his mother is taking some drugs which are causing a few problems. Tony takes Lucas and Dagwood (Peter) along with him on this adventure and they visit Buddy’s a dance club and smoking establishment which is managed by David’s character. This story is a lot of fun and exploits the dynamic between the DeLuise family and does overlap with the other story line which deals with some of the issues with Bridger (Roy Scheider) and the ships CMO Dr Wendy Smith (Rosalind Allen) with further emotional ups and downs with other members of the ships crew leading to a get together at the end of the day at the Captains beach house.

Vapors is a fairly decent episode for someone new to the series to begin with, it’s pretty much standalone and in many ways does act as a little primer but of course the ship and crew we see in the second season is very much different to that of the first season and more so in the third season. Seaquest had many ups and downs during it’s three year life on television even with the Spielberg name involved but they aimed high and many times hit the mark by providing good adventure stories backed with science and environmental themes to educate and entertain the audience.

A huge thank you to Thomas who recommended this episode for a bonus show and for joining us to record the show, always tricky to sort out a time with someone in the US or any country with a significant time difference but rewarding when it all works out.

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