MacGyver - Pilot



Welcome to this bonus episode of the Stargate Archives as I take a look at something while not directly under the Stargate banner is in one way or another associated. In this case one Richard Dean Anderson starred in this seven season series broadcast in the states on ABC from 1985 onwards.

MacGyver_Pilot (4).jpg

In the premiere episode named “Pilot” it opens up with MacGyver on a mission to gain access to a military weapon which was being carried by a downed US aircraft, he finds the pilot also survived so in the MacGyver way he finished his mission and rescues the pilot.

The main story then begins after the quite impressive title sequence as a high security research facility is bombed but there are survivors. MacGyver is asked to lead the rescue operation although at his point the structure of the organisation he works for is unknown he has the option to refuse. He doesn’t of course and with a time limit thanks to the leak of acid which could corrupt the Rio Grande he descend into the huge underground complex battling the obstacles the explosion has created.

This opening episode is very entertaining, the short story prior to the titles pretty much spells out exactly who MacGyver is and what the general goal is going to be. The research complex story expands on the basic ideas and throws up more character interaction and more puzzles to solve be it with chocolate bars, paperclips or whatever. Richard Dean Anderson is perfect for the role and alas will pay for his commitment to some of the stunt work in later years and while he worked on many shows after MacGyver it was really only Stargate that allowed him to really go to town once again.

Thanks for listening to this bonus show and I am hoping to record more content over the next month and into the new year. If you want to join me then please get in touch, pick any episode from the three live action series and we can chat about it in a very informal manner.