Stargate Universe - Malice

Welcome to the first of the more random coverage of the Stargate tv franchise. I’ve redone the first season of SG1 to my satisfaction and there seems little point in continuing through the second season and beyond. So a change of pace as my guest is free to choose any episode they want to talk about and this time Alan makes a return to chat about the excellent “Malice” from the second season of Universe.

Malice (10).jpg

Ginn is dead murdered by her clansman Simeon (played by Robert Knepper) who then shoots numerous guards and now well armed takes a hostage and gates to a nearby planet. Rush in a surge of rage over the death of Amanda (connected to Ginn by the communications stones) follows closely behind only to find the hostage (Dr Park) booby trapped, a ruse to allow Simeon to take potshots at the pursuing force. Rush deals with the device and chases after Simeon deep into the desert landscape. Soon after Scott and Greer with support begin to track both men but Simeon is adept at evading enemy forces and inflicting damage. Meanwhile on Destiny at least one man dies of his wounds and even with partial bridge access they are unable to prevent Destiny from entering FTL. Colonel Young takes a chance on Chloe who is still recovering from her experiences onboard the alien ship and allows her access to the computers, she does something whose results are kept a mystery for dramatic purposes.

Simeon now wounded is only being chased down by Rush, the two men finally confront each other and Rush walks away thanks to his ingenuity and Simeon’s inability to resist the lure of petty violence. Rush returns to the gate and is surprised to find that the crew have gained some control over the ship and maybe his influence is waning.

Malice was a great choice by Alan for the podcast, one of the Universe episodes which is definitely in the story arc but does standalone to a certain extent. Credit as well to Robert C. Cooper for his homage of some classic westerns in feel and presentation and Jim Menard for some staggeringly impressive visuals.

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