Stargate Movie

Mike, Brad and Andrew take a look at the 1994 Stargate theatrical feature film. This episode is not a commentary but a general discussion talking through the plot of the movie highlighting the good and bad bits with maybe a little nit-picking along the way.

I don’t think a synopsis of the movie is required but what the hell, mysterious artifact found in Egypt, taking to the states and under the control of the Air Force. Doctor Daniel Jackson is brought it as perhaps a last ditch effort to decode the hieroglyphs and he discovers the link to star constellations and formulates the devices use as a travel device on a galactic scale. Colonel O’Neill leads a team through the gate where they find a primitive human culture enslaved by Ra the Sun god who is actually an alien who stole humans to work for him and worship him. Fights break out, the military dudes engineer regime change, the people are free, Daniel gets married and stays with the inlaws.

Our thanks to Brad and Andrew for joining us for this show, a little different but we think it came out ok.